3 business lessons I've learned from my children.

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What we can learn a lot of life and business lessons from kids.  When we are born, we’re pure light. We’re pure and without condition. And kids give us adults a glimpse into that world. We usually think that we as adults need to teach kids all kinds of things and even though that is true, there is also a lot that we can learn from them. In this article I share 3 business lessons.

That’s why I find them such an inspiration for adults and also for us as entrepreneurs. They are great mirrors for opportunities when we dare to look.

Have you ever noticed that kids shamelessly say what they’re really good at and then show that to you. “Mom, dad, look at what I can do” and the enthusiasm and sheer joy radiates off their faces. When they fall, they dust themselves off, smile, and go at it again.

This is what comes natural to us. This is how we all were when we were kids. Before our parents, teachers and society told us that we couldn’t or shouldn’t do or be certain things.

What we can learn from kids is to reach for that inner light again and fire it up. To play, to explore and just go for it.

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Petrina, one of my breakthrough coaches said something beautiful: “when I shine my light, that doesn’t dim the light of someone else”.

She’s so right. There is still such a misconception about that, that when you step up, let yourself be seen, put yourself in the arena, talk about the things that you’re expert in, basically showing your superpowers that you’d steal the light of someone else.

I think that is the basis of competition, envy and the fear of visibility.

Because thoughts like: “who am I to say this, I can’t do it, I’m no expert like (name) let them speak about it and I don’t know how” pop up in your head and dim your light.

That feeling get’s you down, makes you doubt yourself and your ability and instead of doing something, you don’t take action. Making yourself smaller and putting someone else on a pedestal.

Instead of seeing each other as equally valuable, thinking: I’m just as valuable, knowledgeable as someone else. There is enough to go around for everyone”.

I’d like to see kids as little superheroes. Fully embracing their superpowers and not at all afraid of showing them. To go on in that analogy there are 3 business lessons I want to share:

1. All superheroes have (usually) one incredible thing that sets them off from the rest.

One thing they stand up for, one thing they show because the world is better off WITH it.

Superman can fly and saves people.

The Flash can run really fast and helps the police bust bad guys.

And the Avengers show how you're stronger together.

There are many more examples but I think you get the point. There is one thing that makes them special.

They all went through hardship and difficulties as well, and through that they learned to embrace their superpower and to use it.

For example: Superman was a super nerd before he got his powers. Now (that he embraced his power) he saves people and makes a huge difference in the word.

And I believe that this is an inspiration for everyone.

Because everyone has unique superpowers.

Powers that make the world a better place.

Not better or worse than someone else’s, just uniquely yours.

The flash can’t do what superman does and vice versa.

The Avengers show us how superheroes work together to achieve even greater results. They’re not afraid they’ll dim the light of another.

2. Kids embrace their superpowers naturally.

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And they encourage other kids to do the same. Whilst having fun they explore their powers and play with it.

That is something we can learn from kids.  To support that and nourish that.

It reminds me of two examples. There was a little boy. I believe he was 2.5 years old and it was his first day of school. When school finished he ran up to his mom – being super excited and running up to her – she said: shh, shh, calm down, be quit.

I cried when I saw this because these are the steps to dimming the light.

But I also have another one: It was another boy who said to his mom: “mom, when I grow up, I want to be a superhero”. His aunt who was with him thought (not said) ‘but that’s impossible you can’t do that’. Thankfully his mom said: “that is amazing and of course you can, you can be a superhero in everything you choose to do or become”.

It made my hart sing. This keeps the light in that little boy alive, shining and radiating onto others.

3. The most beautiful thing is, that’s what we can learn from kids.  We can relearn how to do this ourselves.

Just like kids, just like superheroes we all have superpowers.

Skills, talents, knowledge, wisdom and insights that only we have.

We can relearn to embrace our superpower, use them and show them.

To step into the realm of superheroes and let our powers shine.

To let our power make a difference in the world.

Just because you decide to shine your light, doesn’t mean that will dim the light of another. I believe it amplifies all the other lights shining.

This is exactly what we do in our “Play Big Entrepreneurs Tribe”.

We positively encourage each other to shine their light.

We dare each other to shine brighter.

We look for the superpowers in each other.

Together we play with our superpower.

So that we can become a beacon of light.

You can spread light one of two ways: light your candle or be like a mirror that reflects other lights onward.

When you want to embrace your super power and learn more business lessons, we can’t wait to welcome you into our tribe. Read more about it and join at www.elsvanlaecke.com/tribe

Love to see you there.

Much love, Els & breakthrough coaches.

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