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Trainer: Anné Linden, first lady of NLP

6-day experience to help you tackle this big challenge: (setting) boundaries

Did you know you can set boundaries and still be connected with others?

Set boundaries and enjoy connecting with yourself and with others.

Because boundaries never break your power.


  • You easily let people walk all over you
  • You mainly care about how to please others
  • You cannot fulfil your company/your function completely
  • You find it hard to maintain an adult dialogue
  • You have difficulties starting new relationships.
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afheining vrouw

My clients sometimes say:

'who am I to have an opinion on this’

‘who am I to claim this’

'who am I to ask this of others’

‘I’ll stay low profile’

'people don’t pay attention to me'


Anné Linden - one of my great inspirers

We are talking about ‘the one and only’ Anné Linden. Between 1976 and 1980, Anné Linden worked together intensively with Richard Bandler and John Grinder. From 1977 onwards she joined their workshop tour throughout America.

In 1979 Anné and Lesly Cameron combined all NLP models into the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses we still know today.



The first lady of NLP


Anné Linden was one of the first 12 participants certified as NLP-trainer by the founders of NLP. This made her ‘the first lady of NLP’. Moreover, misses Linden is one of the few trainees of Milton Erickson. She gives training sessions in her own New York Training Institute and used to travel all over the world to give lectures, trainings and consults. And now for this one time she comes to Belgium: to Yes2me. Isn’t it amazing?

Anné Linden is known as one of the most respected NLP-trainers. She gives her training sessions a very personal touch, reflecting her many years of acting experience. Misses Linden wrote many books, amongst others The Enneagram and NLP, Mindworks, Unlock The Promise Within and Boundaries in Human Relationships.





The Linden Boundaries Model

Outline of the 6-day program:

During the first 3 days you’ll learn the basic skills:

  • Structure of boundaries
  • Three levels of boundaries
  • How to recognize boundaries
  • Which patterns keep boundaries alive
  • Basic skills to create and maintain boundaries
  • Identifying your personal challenges
  • Communicating effectively with difficult people
  • Setting boundaries while working and communicating with ‘parts’ – the different aspects of you and me.

In the three following days you’ll deepen your knowledge and learn how to put it into practice:

  • Using the ‘parts’ model fully – a unique approach to really explore your inner world and that of others
  • Using the metaphor of ‘the inner family of parts’ and instructions for a functional inner world – accessing information that was unavailable before
  • Identifying and removing impediments that block the choice to separate or connect
  • Making your skills a second nature in setting boundaries. Making your boundaries your most important resource: use them to obtain important changes and to resolve conflicts.
  • Improving the way you handle your emotions
  • Discovering your personal essence: your personal, rich identity
  • Connecting yourself while continuously developing your self-esteem.
  • Curing yourself by being calmer, more present in the PRESENT. By acceptance and forgiveness. This program is a MAGICAL EXPERIENCE lifting your personal and professional life to a higher level.

This training is very practical combining training presentations, demonstrations of information, group exercises and small group experiences. You take part in hands-on exercises which make you experience the training material in real life. This balance – the flow between information and experience – is completed with stories, life experiences and fantasies guided by the trainer.

Who can participate?

This course/experience is mainly aimed at people who coach others: coaches, therapists, etc. As such, the group’s conscience is higher than average lifting the contacts and the exercises to a higher level. You do not only learn the theory but also get a lot of practical tips. Obviously, you will also gain some new insights to sharpen your personal boundary skills and conscience.


Anné Linden: don't miss this unique training!

Especially for Yes2me, Anné Linden flies over from New York to Belgium. A unique experience because this is the only European training she will be giving this year. Anné is expecting you.

Don’t miss this experience and register today. Send your completed registration form to


7 - 12 November 2018, from 10h to 18h

The training will be given in English.


Ladeuze 3
9700 Oudenaarde


2.697 € + 300 € for catering (VTA excluded)

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Participants of the Boundaries program share their experience

What others say about Anné Linden:


It was the first of the many trainings I followed with Anné. Her way of giving training is very entertaining with a good balance between theory and practice.

You will be able to use the exercices with your clients immediately and of course apply it on yourself, it is two folded. Setting boundaries is an elementary skill in general so I would advice everyone to follow this training and apply its learnings to be able to have a balanced and fulfilling life.


Coach - Trainer



Anné triggers your own reflection in a way that it guides you towards solutions. Her unconventional way of teaching in combination with her experience makes the training an unforgettable experience.

Greet De Grave

Management Consultant



J'étais formée par année linden à 4 reprises: la formation de formateurs PNL, l'hypnose eriksonienne, l'autohypnose et les métaphores.
J'ai beaucoup aimé pour les raisons ci dessous
  • se former en hypnose eriksonienne, quand le formateur est l'élève de milton erikson, ça fait une grande différence
  • la dimension holistique d'année sa grande expérience
  • ses métaphores sur mesure avec la problématique évoquée
  • ses ouvrages, en particulier celui sur les frontières que j'ai lu et beaucoup apprécié
Amel Chaffai