In this business training Els shares the 3 strategies to step away from 'Standing on my own' to saying yes to your Play Big Business

Do you want to get rid of:

  • Your survival mechanisms which cause you to do everything by yourself?

  • The fear to receive a ‘no’ which causes you to not even ask for help?

  • The play it small voice in your head, preventing you to move forwards?

  • The desire to control everything?

  • Staying stuck in negative energy?

And say yes to:

  • Fully trust other people so you can lean on them

  • A waterfall of positive energy to give your business a boost

  • A Play Big Business on your terms

  • Quickly take steps instead of staying stuck

  • Shifting your focus on doing the right thing instead of working hard without your desired results

ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING: From independent to Entrepreneur

In this video series I share three video’s to help you make the transition from being an independent to an entrepreneur.

Do you feel you’re blocking your own path

Even when you know that you can shake off the independent mindset

And start wearing the entrepreneurs cape?


What I mean with that?

 Where the mindset of an independent often stays stuck in working for an hourly rate, in small thinking, in “I have to do everything by myself”, In ‘no, that’s impossible’, in shortages, in “if only I make it this month” or I NEED to find a new client…

An entrepreneur plays a higher game:

  • In ‘dream big’ thinking

  • Looking for solutions

  • Showing up, let yourself be seen an make valuable connections

  • Create and grab new opportunities

  • Get support from other people

  • Believe in abundance for everyone

  • Putting your superpower into the spotlight

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be easy when you learn to do the right things.