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Every week new insights, support and a tribe

for the real Play Big Entrepreneur.

Allow yourself a red carpet for all your ambitions and plans

Imagine that you’re always surrounded by the very best coaches and driven colleague entrepreneurs.

How much easier would it be for you to present your business, with a smile, to the world?

 Thanks to the Play Big Entrepreneurs Tribe, you get everything you need to roll out your plans and embrace your superpowers. In a place that feels good to you.

Do you own your business for a while now?

Are you bursting with ideas and ambition to grow?

Of course, you have zero lack in will and enthusiasm.

You know how important it is to dream big and develop a success mindset.

It’s just that, you want to make a big impact in a way that feels good to you without having to explain yourself.

Because friends and family are always ready to smash down your dreams and goals

They tell you things like: “you need to be more realistic, especially now” or “that’s impossible”.

It makes you feel friction and you start doubting yourself, wondering if they’re right.

So you make the decision to move ahead with your dreams, your plans, your ambitions

Only to keep everything to yourself.

You work, play and dream alone and in silence.


1op1 mentoring


You’d love to share your ideasShare it with people who understand you.

Who listen to you. To discuss it with other people. You want to take bold steps Steps in the right direction, the direction of your goal.

Whatever that may be For example: making a shitload of money, working less, the ability to work from every place in the world or …

Do you recognize that?

You’re not the only oneSo many driven entrepreneurs want to grow and blossom their business on their own terms. I meet them daily, those Play Big Entrepreneurs.

And especially for entrepreneurs like you,

We have:

… The Play Big Entrepreneurs Tribe


My name is Els Van Laecke and together with my team I help entrepreneurs transform themselves into proud gamechangers by giving them the knowledge, insights and a careful community to play it big. Really big.

Maybe you wished everything happens faster.

Driven entrepreneurs tend to be more impatientThey want to help as many people possible with their product or service. And fast. But, because of long ‘to do’ lists and the lack of sparring partners business is slower than you’d like. On the other side you’re very busy in your business.

Thing is, you’re probably not doing the right things which cause you to lose precious and valuable time. With a great breakthrough coach and a supporting tribe, you tackle the challenges in your business in a fast and efficient way.

You will move forward faster in your business and you have a safe place where you can be yourself completely.


Allow yourself the transformation to reach your goals easier, harder and faster.

Wanting to do and discover everything by yourself takes time. A lot of time, and you know that. You know that together you achieve more. And it’s so important to surround yourself with the right people. Not just once but long term. No one ever made a lasting breakthrough out of a short and fast encounter with someone.

That’s exactly why we do it differently in the Play Big Entrepreneurs Tribe.

How would you feel if you:

  • Can immerse yourself in a pool with likeminded busines buddies?

  • Get valuable connections with people who want the best for you?

  • Are challenged to take the steps you need, do book the results you want?

  • Don’t have to do and explore everything by yourself anymore?

  • You stop procrastinating

  • Get inspired, get a clear view and reachable to-do’s that will make the difference in your business?

  • You feel energized and supported in no time?

  • Receive new case studies every week from a colleague entrepreneur so you don’t have to make the same mistakes?

  • To be held accountable to really do what you always though about?

  • You can share your knowledge and experience with others?

  • And get support from the best coaches to guide you?

Sounds great, right?!

2019-02-02 025

Thát is the Play Big Entrepreneurs Tribe

Let yourself be surrounded by experienced coaches and passionate entrepreneurs for more positivity, focus and results.

No abstract theories of pretty sounding quotes but real, hands on tips and inspiration from breakthrough coaches who are Play Big entrepreneurs themselves.

Learn from real life business cases and get the energy and positivity you need to be the go to entrepreneur in your field.

This community arose from people just like you, for people like you. 

Who are those play Big Entrepreneurs?

Play Big Entrepreneurs are successful entrepreneurs who dare to speak their ambitions out loud. They are enthusiastic people who aren’t afraid to do the work.

Look and listen to what they have to say about Els, the breakthrough academy and the other breakthrough coaches:

Frederik Blancke - CEO

Frederik foto

"Els her PLAY BIG way of thinking perfectly fits my vision of how I want to expand my company. To stop with playing small, stop sabotaging yourself or listen to heavily on the opinion of other people. But to really go for your own dreams and plans.

What I appreciate so much about Els is her pragmatic approach and the fact that she says what she means. She is so driven to coach entrepreneurs through fast and deep breakthroughs, she gives herself fully in order to realize that. She has no hidden agenda, she just goes full out. When you want to make a deep impact fast with your business, Els is the coach to go to."

Caroline Jacob - Trainer & Coach


"To really Play Big, meant saying yes to me and my business first. Coaches always guide you to that deeper level. You can learn a lot in theory, but it starts with you and your actions. By accepting myself for who I am and being proud of that, gave my business the boost I needed to attract my ideal clients. Now, I radiate that whole philosophy and more and more people come to me thinking “this is where I need to be”.

Isabel Bulcke - Zaakvoerder De Parel Coaching



"Since that first coaching session, I have been receiving one coaching request after another. I’m sure that it’s because I stepped into my own light and broke out of the blockage that was in my way. I’m so incredibly grateful that I experienced this so fast at the start of our trajectory and I’m convinced that it will bring me and my business countless blessings."

What are we going to do together?

  • A weekly Play Big Call – live lead by the experienced breakthrough coaches in the academy.

  • A weekly practical and short session about one of these six subjects: Dream Big – Your Superpower – Feel the fear and do it anyway – Energy management – Business and Accountability. Giving you a shot with positive vibes to go through the week with ease and joy.

  • A weekly on the spot coaching of a play big entrepreneur. With dummy proof tips, insights and strategies to implement or to adjust for your own business.

  • Set weekly goals, make them sharp and decide the right actions with your accountability partner so you actually take the steps

  • Tons and tons of positive energy, celebrating success so your mindset is in tip top shape

  • A warm community who has your back, who’re there when you need them so you don’t have to do everything by yourself.

How does it work?

The Play big Entrepreneurs Tribe is a private group, based on a monthly membership. As a result, you stay in touch with the community and you constantly get insights, strategies and support. You will keep access to the live Play Big live calls on Thursday in case you cant be there from 08.30 to 09.30, for as long as you are a member.

You apply for a month and the subscription is automatically renewed - unless you quit of course.

Are you a really big player who’s ready to commit? Then the year subscription might suit you better. As a bonus, you will receive one month access for free to the Play Big Entrepreneur plus you get access to a Breakthrough Life Day of your choice (worth 997.00 euros).

Els Van Laecke

Monthly subscription

  • Live Play Big mentoring

  • 'On the spot' coaching

  • Getting your goals sharp and actionable

  • Positive energy

  • A warm community

  • Celebrating successes

  • BONUS: Money Magnet training

Yearly subscription:

  • Live Play Big mentoring

  • 'On the spot' coaching

  • Getting your goals sharp and actionable

  • Positive energy

  • A warm community

  • Celebrating successes

  • BONUS 1: 1 month of free access (valued at €77,00)

  • BONUS 2: a live breakthrough day of your choice (valued at €977,00)

  • BONUS 3: Money Magnet training

This is for you if you:

  • Love speed and proven methods

  • Are an entrepreneur who’ s ready for the next level

  • Are willing to work with others and tackle obstacles together

  • Dare to look at yourself honestly and openly in order to change

  • Believe in abundance and you’ll get more things done while working together

  • You are willing to invest time, energy and money to make your dreams and goals come true

  • Know that it’s just so much more fun when you’re understood, inspired and can do business with play big energy.

This is NOT for you if you:

  • Believe in scarcity

  • Like to grumble, blame and complain

  • View your colleague entrepreneurs as competition

  • Are convinced that you know better what it is you need

  • Already don’t have the funds or the energy to keep your business afloat

  • Are ‘spiriwiri’ or an excuse maker who wants to figure everything out in an alternative way

  • Are a private person who doesn’t have a business yet but is thinking about starting one.

Why work together with Els Van Laecke / Breakthrough Academy?

Do you know the song: “heal the world”? It’s a worldwide hit song of Michael Jackson. Especially the part where the kids start singing, calling people to make the world a better place moves me deeply. And not only me.

It’s even more than that. It’s been the direct cause for the mission behind Els Van Laecke / Breakthrough academy.

When entrepreneurs like you say yes to themselves and to life, we have a positive effect on our surroundings.

We create impact

On children as well, the next generation. Helping children to let them become the Play Big version of themselves be: how special is that? It is why we created the Yes2Me Foundation where we guide children and teens for free. Because we can and it makes us happy

To be even more positive than we already are. 

That positivity and joy for life I feel now, wasn’t always there.

The Els Van Laecke from the past was hard on herself, even judging – sometimes even towards my team members. That way of doing business cost me so much energy, so much plodding, hustling and grinding.

It took me 10 years to move towards a state of gratefulness and positivity. A beautiful shift I still feel every day in every fiber of my being


In life and in business I’m full of trust and positivity. I believe in the good. I experience so much joy in life. I have great friends. I have the best team I can imagine. I am so much more alive and I feel absolutely great.

It’s that special shift that I wish for you to have. Without it taking ten years of your life. It can happen in just ten minutes, yes I can really be thát fast. It’s what we do, it’s our superpower.

You wouldn’t be the first to experience an instant breakthrough. We make that foggy mist disappear, quickly and efficient. Even things or beliefs that’ve been holding you back for years.

We take away what’s blocking you, making the way free of obstacles for you. What a liberation!

‘Just words’? No.

It’s exactly what makes Els Van Laecke / Breakthrough Academy so special:

  • We help people make a big shift in a short time

  • We go for simple, easy and dummy proof

  • We are a safe community where everyone – also we as coaches - may talk out free about our doubts and fears. Without hidden agenda.

But most of all:

  • We are a high level sparring partner

  • You are trained and guided by the best coaches: the crème de la crème of more than 120 breakthrough coaches

  • More than 7000 entrepreneurs from all over the world have preceded you



“Even when it’s hard, I can now communicate my needs clearly instead of hiding away of moving backwards”

- Petrina Haak - Coach - Echt-leven.nl


"‘Every day I get up with a feeling of ‘Yes I can’. And then the results during the day show themselves. This is what happened today. I received an appreciation of a client. Formerly I took it for granted. Els learned me to take it in. So I did. I entered the living room afterwards and said to my husband ‘damn, I’m really good’. I would never ever have expected that I could say this out loud with so much power. I’m unstoppable"

- Els Timmerman - Spirituele Coach - lightness.be



"I feel more positivity in my life then I have felt for a long time. Even physical symptoms reduced or disappeared"

- Yves Mulkers - CEO & Data Strategist - http://7wd.at/yvesmulkers

“I’ve relearned to trust other people and I don’t feel like I need to do everything by myself. Above all I gave myself a beautiful gift: standing in front of a mirror, looking myself in the eye, saying “I love you” and mean it. I feel so much more confidence in myself and my business than I’ve ever felt before”

Sjoeke  -  Power Coach -

“I make selfies, video’s and show myself in my marketing. Something I’ve never dared to do before”

Marion Hamers-van den Boer - Managing Director M. International - https://www.m-international.nl/

“The learning possibilities and connecting”


“Connection, inspiration”






“Input / accountability”


“Inspiring and uplifting, up with my tribe”


Let me give you another 5 reasons to work with us:

  • We ‘walk our talk’. All our coaches and mentors are entrepreneurs who’re in the arena, on a daily basis, themselves.

  • As trauma and systemic coaches we don’t work in the margins but take a deep dive to the core of the problem and fix it right there on the spot. To give you the best results.

  • We combine practical insights and strategies with mindset coaching so you can find and embrace your superpowers and build the life of your dreams, on your terms.

  • We believe there is more than meets the eye. That nothings happens without a reason. To listen to the voice of your intuition and to use the law of attraction in a smart way, you can easily get more results, faster with less energy.

  • We don’t allow whiners, complainers and negative people into our tribe. We want for every play big entrepreneur to get the maximum input and positivity of what we have to offer. That is your guarantee for success.

Do you still have doubts? Read the most frequently asked questions below.