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Do you want to live the life you’ve always dreamed of BUT do you notice that fear is holding you back?

You feel the desire to bring yourself and your business to the next level BUT you notice that the tension you’re feeling more often wins than your enthusiasm?

YES? Then, just keep reading?

I believe that you have so much to offer others. I believe that your truly deserve to see your dreams come into reality. I believe that what you fear or think is IMPOSSIBLE is actually within reach, closer than you think. I believe there is so much more possible for you when you let go of your fears.

And that is exactly what I can help you do.

Because, maybe you recognize this:

  • You feel there is more inside of you than there is coming out. There is so much more that life has to offer but something is holding you back.

  • You've come a long way. You have already been brave and have taken steps towards your dreams. But even so, you still keep hiding.

  • You’re afraid of what other people will have to say about your dreams, your ideals, your desires and goals.

  • You’re afraid of all the negative comments that might come your way because they cut you deep, it hurts and is demotivating you from going forwards.

  • You believe that you have to do everything yourself even though you long for help and support.

  • Success isn’t just a great and amazing thing, it’s also overwhelming and even scary.

You know, I understand your fears so well. I still have fears every day. But listening to them and not taking action because of them is not helping you to build your LIFE on your terms.

Imagine how it could be:

  • Imagine that those negative and fearful voices in your head no longer influence you.

  • Imagine that you would really stand up and go all out for yourself, your business, your dreams and desires.

  • Imagine that you’re no longer influenced by the opinion of other people

  • Imagine that YOU are your biggest cheerleader instead of your biggest saboteur.

  • Imagine that you and all your clients ENJOY jour products, services en messages every single day.


How? By being present on the 2nd of April when I host: “Feel the Fear and do it anyway”

You discover the steps on how to take inspired ACTION

Without being afraid

And letting yourself be held back from the things you want

The results are:

  • That you finally kill your mindfucks and experience (maybe for the first time in your life) complete freedom in your mind

  • You discover the cheerleader that was already inside of you end put her to work

  • You have the courage to stand up, to show up and let yourself be seen

  • You have the tools to take necessary action

  • The start of a life and business you’ve always dreamed of on YOUR terms

This day entails:

  • Together we discover what fears you have that are holding you back and transform them on the spot so they no longer influence you

  • You’ll meet the cheerleader inside of you, you’ll start to trust her en go to her for support.

  • We will create a simple action plan to take your business to the next level in 202020

  • You will be inspired by likeminded women and feel the support of this tribe

About Els Van Laecke:

In recent years I have brought so many of my own wishes, dreams and goals to life and because of that my business has grown exponentially in the last three years.

What I love most about that is helping and supporting other female entrepreneurs, to provide tools and know how so they too can build their biz (and their life) on their own terms. And not based on the opinion of others.

Really living this has a great effect on your relationships with people surrounding you and especially on the most important one: the relationship with yourself.

The essence of how I have been able to support women, is the essence of entrepreneurship

It is one skill. One skill.

It is one HOW.

It is dealing with your fears that show up along the way.

Because no matter where you are in your entrepreneurship, you will always come across something that prevents you from taking the next step in order to feel comfortable

To do business effortlessly and easily.

“Feel the fear and do it anyway”


My wish for you is to discover how that benefits YOU.


Only now you can claim your FREE ticket.

After Sunday we will raise the price to at least €99,- a piece

And I get it, it feels scary.
Just feel the fear and do it anyway.
I promise you it will be the greatest gift you give yourself.

GRATIS ticket

  • Geweldige inspirerende 10h coaching
  • Lunch

VIP ticket

€ 99,00
  • Geweldige inspirerende 10h coaching
  • Lunch
  • VIP zitplaats
  • 1h Q&A stellen aan Els Van Laecke zelf
  • Netwerk diner

Wat anderen zeggen:


Before working with Els, I had never dared to ask such a price for a program. I was still invisible on social media, because: “what do people think of me?” Since the program, I show my full self, no matter how much tension I feel sometimes, I do it with full belief in myself and the belief in my mission. Because of the shifts I made, I had earned back my investment in no time and this is just the beginning. Not only does she bring an incredible amount of knowledge and experience, she is above all a huge source of inspiration.

Coach – Mbold


Every I am meeting with Els, I am making huge personal shifts. With the result that my business is 3x better than it was before. Els showed me that it is completely okay, safe and justified to go after what I so truly and deeply believe in. And so I really started taking action, with myself, with my customers and with great results. Learning to trust yourself = More business results. In the training you throw old patterns overboard that really block you from leading your business.

Life Coach – stress & vitaliteitsexperte


Saying Yes2Me was really saying Yes2My Business as well. Els invites you to go deeper inside yourself. To really look at who you are, what you feel, what you’re afraid of, what you long for and what you need. You can learn a lot in theory but it actually starts with yourself. Learning to fully accept myself for who I am and to actually be really proud of it and standing up for it has given a huge boost to my company. Which means I will attract a lot more people into my biz.

Caroline Jacobs
Jacob Consulting bvba


Since that first coaching session I have received one coaching request after another. I am sure that this is because I am standing more into my own light and have worked through that visibility block. I am incredibly grateful to experience this so quickly at the start of us working together and I am convinced that it will bring me and my business so much more to come.

Isabel Bulcke
Zaakvoerder De Parel Coaching