Shame and Intimacy

Trainer: Andrea Wandel

A three day seminar for approaching a major challenge

About the seminar

In these three days I will give insight in the nature and dynamics of shame, toxis shame and shame resolution. With patience, sensitivity and flirtatious charm I hope to put back life into skeletons, invent funnier games and turn the secrecy of bushes into the intimacy of felt contact. Anyone with some self –experience, introspection – and selfregulation skills is welcome – with or without skeleton.

Shame is a major challenge. It can be a stumbling block on our quest to meet our deepest needs including felt contact and relationship. Shame is a hidden sabotage dynamic that locks us up in an inner prison of isolation, fear and self –doubt. We do no longer “feel felt” and hide behind an adaptive self. We hope that no one will ever find out how defective, small, and incapable we are. Finally we may even “think” that the face we present is our true nature.

last hebben van schaamte is een grote uitdaging

It seems paradoxical but we cannot handle our withdrawal from contact on our own. Children who found a skeletop in the bush may be meeting the one who has “won” the hide and seek game. Seeking out how to contact the hidden is essential in feeing us from our self –conscious detention camp. It is beyond imagination that our defective self can ever be met. At least isolation is safe and saves us being embarrassed when exposed to others. The hide –and –seek game becomes our life until we are being found.

Andrea explains:



31  Aug - 2 Sept 2018, from 9:30h - 17:30h
On Sunday we stop at 17:00h

The training will be in English.


Ladeuze 3
9700 Oudenaarde


1.297 € + 150 € catering BTW excluded

Possibility to use KMO portefeuille for Flanders, 40% small companies, 30% bigger companies. Catering 25 € per day also covered by KMO portefeuille.

If you want to stay overnight at Oudenaarde, please let us know. We can give you some addresses to stay over. 

Paul ZonneveldAndrea is really very good. No, she is the best I know. She is a master in this territory of shame. A warm recommendation for everybody to give to yourself as a present. Don’t be ashamed to give yourself this present.

Paul Zonneveld

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant (


Lilian Regeer

Shame & Intimacy is a beautiful training and experience. You get input so that you experience how importance shame is in your life and the tremendous impact of shame on your body and daily way of functioning. Shame is really everywhere and everyone has it. There really is an enormous amount of shame around you and in you. Also in me, as a coach there was. A bit of shame is ok, though toxic shame gets your stuck and out of toxic shame you cannot get alone.

Importance of this experience is that you will work in how the shame is visible and feels within your body. You feel shame, it’s in your body, it goes beyond thinking about it.

You get next to theory also exercises of which you can notice shame and how to deal with it. I use it regularly what I have learned in the course, also in coaching with kids. Through the tools you notice faster when shame manifests itself, to handle it and get out of it. You will observe how shame is embedded in your life and where, with who and when you have it.

The science that you cannot run away from it, that you need to let it come out, that you need to deal with it, makes this training inevitable and a MUST HAVE.

Lilian Regeer

Coach (

Andrea Wandel, trainer and coach

About Andrea

Andrea Wandel is trainer and coach. She works already more than 25 years on all levels of consciousness and she is very skilled in her working domains.
Andrea speaks and understands many languages (German, English, Spanish, Dutch…)

She writes:

“I love my work and I feel blessed to translate the unspoken language to lots of people on this planet. I like your courage to develop yourself beyond normal concepts of life. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

As a musician I know lots of accords and I like to connect different levels of consciousness. I wish you a good journey.”