3 business lessons I've learned from my children.

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What we can learn a lot of life and business lessons from kids.  When we are born, we’re pure light. We’re pure and without condition. And kids give us adults a glimpse into that world. We usually think that we as adults need to teach kids all kinds of things and even though that is…

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5 tips on how to NOT let other people hold you back

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This is a message of uplifting, of empowerment, of love, of connection, of hope and understanding. Times are always uncertain, certainty is never a given. Now, we live in an extra special time during this crisis and what I’ve noticed are one of two things: 1)  Entrepreneurs that only see impossibilities, people who get angry…

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Angst - Hello beauty, please sparkle & shine

Angst: Vrouwen hebben angst, ze zijn bang. Ik word elke dag opnieuw geraakt door vrouwen die hunzelf limitaties opleggen en daardoor hun sparkles niet ten volle toelaten.   En ik word daar persoonlijk door geraakt want ik heb dat vroeger ook gedaan en soms, heel soms raak ik ook even mijn wortels kwijt als iemand…

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