A 2 hours intensive Trauma Masterclass

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The LAST trauma masterclass of 2021

Everyone has experienced childhood trauma. Most of the time it still has an impact on your business results:

  • Wanting to break out of the golden cave, and still noticing that you go back to your comfort zone.
  • Feeling that you are ready for that x10 growth with your team and organisation, and noticing that you still feel you need to keep control, otherwise things don’t work out like they should. 
  • Knowing that your business results can improve enormously and you don’t feel enough trust. Within yourself, your organisation, your team.
  • Defining what your next level growth is, and not making the choices needed to realise them. 
  • Not being relaxed when doing sales conversations or offering your services/products. Your customers feel your reluctance, resulting in NO at times.
  • Wanting to be visible and inspiring the world, but instead you are keeping yourself small. Because let’s be clear, you never know people could take you down.

October 20 at 7.30 pm

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Or certain emotions you feel can overwhelm you at times;

  • Frustration 
  • Irritation
  • Feeling insecure
  • Doubting about yourself
  • Overthinking 
  • Doom-mongering
  • Overwhelmed
  • Or maybe you have decided to stop feeling as a surviving mechanism

Or certain challenges that don’t seem to go away;

  • >> You know you want to spend more time with the kids and your spouse or doing the things you love, but you keep on being trapped in working hard and overcompensating.

    Result? You are missing out on important things and beautiful memories.

  • >> Even if you have been successful in your business for many years, you can still go into uncertainty around your value as a person, value of your services or products.

    Result? Your client smells it and doesn’t value your worth as they should.

  • >> You feel you are not yet in your full man or feminine power.

    Result? Clients, suppliers, the board, your team don’t always take you seriously.

  • >> You keep on wanting to have control and may even be micromanaging.

    Result? Your team doesn’t feel you trust them and so they don’t use their full potential.

  • >> Overthinking and not making the choices needed.

    Result? Losing lots of time and energy not moving forward. 

  • >> Being chaotic, procrastinating projects

    Result? Your clients are missing out on your amazing products and services.

Inspiration and empowerment.

What if it could be different?

Working on your childhood trauma can have many benefits for your business and life. Here are some of them:

  1. Starting to feel more alive instead of going for survival mechanisms and feeling overwhelmed or even numb at times.
  2. You dare to reach out to the experts for the needed expertise and help. You accelerate and go forward x10 faster. 
  3. You build a strong team based on mutual trust.
  4. You determine what your rules are in running your business and live them, including also your family, friends and people/things that are important.
  5. Being in the flow and enjoying the positive energy and life joy.

Free participation. Claim your spot now.

Choose to fully LIVE and TRUST

  • What would happen if you step out of your comfort zone
  • What would happen if you step out of your survival mechanisms?


  • Who would you be if you experienced more freedom and liberty of choice?
  • Who would you be if you would embrace even more positive energy and life joy?
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Who are Els Van Laecke & Patricia Beausaert?


Who is Els Van Laecke?

Els Van Laecke is an international Master Certified Coach. She has coached over 7500 entrepreneurs globally.

Els is a self-made woman and has co-created 7-figure companies on her terms, allowing her to spend lots of time with her kids and husband. She creates instant breakthroughs in self-confidence, translating directly into business results. She is also a coach, mentor, trainer and a high-demanded speaker. 

Els' high energy, deep knowledge, and a dummy-proof step-by-step approach have resulted in her clients doubling and tripling their business results. Doing business on your own terms is her motto. 

Who is Patricia Beausaert?

Patricia Beausaert is an international Professional Certified Coach. 

Patricia loves to coach the inner leader within you. She allows you to embrace your resilience and inner power. She is also a mentor and trainer. 

Patricia's inner peace, deep knowledge, and deep-dive approach have resulted in her having durable breakthrough results.  

What others say about us

"I feel more positivity in my life than I have felt for a long time. Even physical symptoms have reduced or disappeared"

- Yves Mulkers - CEO & Data Strategist -

"To really Play Big, meant saying yes to me and my business first. Coaches always guide you to that deeper level. You can learn a lot in theory, but it all starts with you and your actions. By accepting myself for who I am and being proud of that, has given my business the boost it needed to attract my ideal clients. Now, I radiate that whole philosophy, and more and more people come to me thinking “this is where I need to be”.

Caroline Jacob - Trainer & Mentor

“Els made me grow as a coach, as entrepreneur, and human being. I found my mission and go for it with full focus. I go faster to the core with a 100% result. I'm enjoying it big time."

Jorden D'hulster – Breakthrough Coach

Barbara De Reu
I'm a powerful lady with lots of enthusiasm and perseverance, I realise projects and I love to be surrounded by our team.

My power became my pitfall. I realised that feeling my body and heart were essential for my next-level growth.

I have literally cleaned up old patterns and limiting beliefs. As the result, I'm more satisfied with myself, I dare to express what I need and I feel more alive while feeling more inner peace.

Perseverance with more solid and loving self-confidence. I'm allowing my power. I love it & I love myself.

Barbara De Reu

Regional Manager Securex

"Every day I get up with the feeling ‘Yes I can’. During the day, the results speak for themselves. This is what happened today: I received an appreciation from a client. Before I took this for granted. Els taught me to take it in. So I did. I entered the living room afterwards and said to my husband ‘Damn, I’m really good'. I would never ever have expected saying this out loud with so much power. I’m unstoppable"

- Els Timmerman - Spiritual Coach -

“I take selfies, make videos, and expose myself in my marketing. Something I’ve never dared doing before”

Marion Hamers-van den Boer - Managing Director M. International -

Every successful entrepreneur needs a coach and mentor. You don't need to do this alone.

You are not your past

Your past is not your destiny

Break through your old patterns

Embrace yourself

Embrace life

I'm here for you, together with my team.

Limited spots. Claim your spot now.

A 2 hours intensive Trauma Masterclass

NOW free instead of €597,-

The LAST trauma masterclass of 2021