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Trauma Coaching Training

Trainer: Andrea

Integrative Trauma Training course

15-day course: professionally coaching your clients suffering from Trauma.

From surviving to LIVING

Did you know you can train in trauma coaching?

For over 25 years, Andrea Wandel, trauma coaching expert, has been training coaches, psychologists, therapists, etc. in body oriented trauma coaching.

Goal of this course

Trauma can detach your clients completely from the here and now. They can be totally ‘overwhelmed’ by it and don’t see how to escape from it anymore. This can unsettle them completely and make them lose all their strength.


This course offers you skills and toolsets  to coach your clients suffering from trauma. Not by drowning them in their trauma all over again, but by touching the subject and helping them on their road to processing it. The goal is to make your clients step by step return to the here and now, to make them grow in their adult position and their full potential.

Your senses will sharpen. You will learn how to regulate and focus yourself and your clients in a better way. This will prevent them from being thrown back into the ‘trauma pool’ by their emotional reactions and put their emotions back into the right prospective with what is happening in the clients’ lives today.



This allows us to focus on the events occurring in the here and now instead of living in the past. Traumas often lock themselves in the body. This course will learn you how to use the body as a resource for trauma coaching.  

The trauma is processed. Clients give this feedback:

  • I have more space
  • I have more choices
  • I feel free again
  • I feel better
  • It is easier to build relationships with others
  • I feel stronger

In short: your clients feel healthier.



Subjects of the course

  • Focussing
  • Association and dissociation
  • Your role as an observer
  • Your role as a coach
  • Observing physical changes
  • Working with observations
  • Working with pressure and tension
  • Working with slowing down and accelerating
  • Working with your voice

Working with your own body and your client’s bodyResourcing and refocussing on your health

  • Boundaries
  • Disidentification
  • Bonding types
  • Self-regulation
  • Autonomous nerve system
  • Trauma types
  • Embryonic development and reflexes
  • Polyvagal Theory (Stephen Porges)
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Andrea combines basic theory with a lot of demonstrations and group exercises, as well as several individual reflection exercises and guided meditations.

Andrea reveals: We are intensity seekers

Trauma can be very intense. We risk to really lose ourselves in it. We literally get ‘sucked in’ and on that moment it feels as if there is no way out. That is exactly what our clients experience.

Trauma coaching can be very beautiful if you collect the sparkles that result from it. Because that is what they are: gifts. A collection of gifts brought by life itself.


Andrea reveals: Trauma coaching has enriched my life

Andrea’s eyes light up when I ask her this personal question. She talks about more space, more permission, more connection with what is happening on that moment in the here and now. To allow us to react to what is really important for you in the here and now.


Andrea reveals: Why follow this training?

Your body gives away a great deal. We really use the body based approach. How can your body help you to let go of your trauma.

You will learn loads

  • Theory on trauma
  • Boundaries and setting them
  • Dissociation and association
  • Using resources
  • Stepping away from old patterns

You will basically learn how to help your clients to get closer to themselves and to react to the here and now instead of to their traumas from the past.


Give your clients access to their space

Everyone has the desire to take his own space. The desire to achieve this while staying connected with yourself and the other. The desire to show yourself, also in full interaction with the others. Indeed, there is a link with self-acceptance because is it okay to show myself to the full? Traumas included? The more you accept yourself, the more you accept the other and this reinforces our relationships.

Traumas don’t need to rule your life. But they can make you discover the beautiful gifts they offer you in the here and now, and let you take the space to show yourself completely.

Who can participate?

This course/experience is mainly aimed at people who coach others: coaches, therapists, etc. As such, the group’s conscience is higher than average lifting the contacts and the exercises to a higher level. You do not only learn the theory but also get a lot of practical tips. Obviously, you will also gain some new insights to reinforce your own strength.

Andrea Wandel, trainer and coach

Andrea Wandel: don't miss this unique course

Especially for Yes2me, Andrea flies over from South Africa to Belgium. A unique experience because this is the only training she will be giving this year. Andrea creates an enormously safe environment. Andrea is an expert in listening without judging. I don’t know anyone who masters this skill like her. She is just Andrea connecting with you in all her presence. Andrea is expecting you on this course.

Don’t miss this experience and register today. You can settle your payment by clicking this button. Are you using a SME portfolio? Please send your registration form to .


5 modules of 3 days

From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm; the last training day ends at 5 pm

10 to 12 September 2018

19 to 21 November 2018

21 to 23 January 2019

25 to 27 March 2019

20 to 22 May 2019

This training will be given in English.


Ladeuze 3
9700 Oudenaarde


7.497 € + 750 € for catering (VAT excluded)

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Still not convinced?

This is what others say about Andrea Wandel:


Paul Zonneveld

Andrea is really very good, I dare say the best I know. She is an expert in this field. I strongly recommend everyone to treat yourself to these three days. Don't be shy about it!

Paul Zonneveld

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant (


Andrea is really very good, I dare say the best I know. She is an expert in this field. I strongly recommend everyone to treat yourself to these three days. You should not be shy about it!

Andrea is one of my great inspirers. Her training allows me to get to the essence when clients are blocked in their coaching path.

Clients evolve more quickly, more deeply and more durably. I use this knowledge daily when I am coaching at yes2me, it is the base for my work on self-acceptance, self-appreciation and confidence.

I am a fan. Our body is much smarter and quicker than our mind. I prefer focussing and really listening to the signs our body gives us, over babble coaching.

My clients and me sparkle even more now.

Andrea’s personality touches me every time. Just being with her is a very special experience in itself. She is pure, without judgement and she meets you with great softness on the edge of your trauma ‘pool’.

Els Van Laecke

Yes2me en Yes2trust

Andrea Wandel, trainer and coach

About Andrea

Andrea Wandel is a trainer, therapist and health practitioner.  She has over 30 years of experience with all levels of conscience and is an expert in her field.

Andrea speaks and understands several language (German, English, Spanish, Dutch,…).

Andrea about herself:

“I love my work and I feel blessed to translate the unspoken language to lots of people on this planet. I like your courage to develop yourself beyond normal concepts of life. It’s a pleasure to be with you.

As a musician I know lots of accords and I like to connect different levels of consciousness. I wish you a good journey.”